It's time to get acquainted, you say?

So you're ready to date me and would like to take that very much delightful plunge of arranging an appointment with me? 

 - I couldn't be happier to hear that! 

Whether you'd like to meet me socially to have a few drinks and a delightful dinner, giving us the opportunity to get acquainted or You wish to lure me into bed for a passionate encounter of the carnal kind, if you'd like to make our date deliciously  kinky  or if you're wishing for moresomes, I make the perfect companion to keep you amused, satisfied, intrigued and just downright blissed out!

Securing a date with me is a rather swift process, I very much appreciate a brief and polite message via my contact form, including your full name, phone number, the date and time you wish to see me, the location (name of the hotel or your full address in case you'd like me to visit you at your residence) as well as indicating how long you'd like to make our rendezvous and any additional information/requests you deem to be important! Once you have sent me these, I will ask you for some screening information, references and/or deposit, please refer to my screening policy as well as the essentials!

between civil life, work and fun, I manage to juggle a rather busy diary! This means that I am unable to take same-day appointments and I rather appreciate a couple of days notice at the very least. I also very much welcome planning a few weeks ahead, which provides you with a guaranteed spot in my schedule and allows the both of us to revel in that subtle but oh so brilliant buildup to our eventual date!





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