Personal Arrangements

You're pondering what it would be like to date me with no constraints of the clock..? What I maybe like when we don't have to rush back to the real world after the end of our brilliant date? 

I am absolutely with you. There's nothing nicer than hanging out on the regular and affording each other the luxury of time spent generously! 

Arrangements, to differing degrees, are familiar to me and I am happy to say that many of my delightful clients have became my patrons, in varied capacities. It allows us to get to know each other more intimately than we would through just fleeting dates and to forge a lasting connection.

I gladly consider ongoing arrangements, from frequent engagements to having an exclusive understanding, where all my attention is dedicated solely to you. 

Chances are, if you wish to see me more than a few times a month, it'll be in your interest to enquire and I will be delighted to provide you with bespoke pricing that'd make us both happy! 

Arrangements start at 1.5K per month and a minimum of three months commitment required. 

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