As a little update, I am soon returning to London after a few months taken out and spent abroad, hiding from Covid-19. This has allowed me to relax, indulge in switching fully off and to discover my beloved Europe again. Although it has been a truly wonderful experience, I am now fully ready and eager to get back to savour the amazing dates I truly missed! 

I am going to be available in our beautiful capital from the 8th of September onwards. 

Seeing that the virus is still very much around and a second wave is expected, my booking process and date requirements will differ slightly.

Upon my return, I will be available for longer dates only (2+ hours).

I am limiting the number of clients I might see in a week to two and thus I am going to be unable to provide shorter dates. I understand this might not be convenient but kindly please consider this to be my way of minimising the risk of infection for us both.

You are kindly asked to wash your hands and face as you arrive/before I get to you.

Health and safety is very much important to me, mine as well as yours. It's a lovely thing to freshen up before a date anyway, but it has become crucially important now.

Please don't go ahead with our planned date if you are feeling poorly or even just under the weather.

I am sure it goes without saying but it's of paramount importance, respecting each other's health. Similarly, should I be feeling unwell, I will always let you know and we can reschedule for a later date. 

For the duration of the pandemic I am unable to book without a deposit.

This is to ensure that the limited dates I offer do take place. This can be easily and efficiently done via bank transfer as soon as I have confirmed my availability.

My standard deposit policy applies.

I very much appreciate that this is all a pain but I hope you consider the importance of the changes made.

I cannot WAIT to see you,

Adél xo

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