Cuckold Sessions

I wonder what you'd find if you could see into my mind. 

Would you be taken aback by the myriad of dirty thoughts, tightly entwined with my fascination for their psychology?

Would you be intimidated by my never lessening sexual appetite? My drive for adventures with new play partners? For my deep-seated desire or orgasms, being pleasured, that inherently selfish attitude I sometimes so cruelly exhibit?

The pout of my lips whilst I tell you that you're going to be too tied up tonight to have any hands-on fun...

I'd adore you to be my doting cuckold, whilst I have all the fun I desire with my favourite lover! 

I've met Rooster a while ago and MY GOD, he's as charming as he is hot. Most definitely an amazing lover with unrivaled strength, stamina as well as possessing the tact and brilliance to read situations and be passionate or assertive as the situation desires. 

Please check out his website here: HELLO ROOSTER

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