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I am so glad you are taking the time to read through my website in such a thorough manner! I thought I'd index here all the things I deem to be important when it comes to my code of conduct, to provide you with a simple guide to lure me between your sheets!



The first port of our exchange, those delightful, introductory emails are so much more enjoyable when they contain, preemptively, all the information I have requested under my Appointments tab. I'm afraid vague emails will arouse neither my interest nor my body. You are welcome to enquire about specific activities BUT I kindly request you to keep it clean, respectful and to the point! I will adore you for comprehension!



I am available for Outcall dates in higher-end Hotels in Central London, allowing peace of mind, anonymity and beautiful settings for us to enjoy each other in. I'm happy to recommend hotels for our engagement if you wish, I can also recommend daytime hotel booking sites with confidence if you're making plans at short notice. 

Alternatively, I am happy to arrange a hotel or such for us at your convenience and cost (depending on the length of our date) with ample prior notice, subject to a deposit payable in advance. 

My screening practices can be found here and they are non-negotiable under any circumstances. 

Fly me to you:

Fly me to you or fly me with you, I'll be more than excited to come along and frolic! Making discoveries together, going on adventures or even just plane hopping to sneak into your hotel room!

In order to plan a date as such with ease, the following things you should bear in mind:


     -​I request a minimum of one week's notice prior to a date involving extended travel. This allows time for screening, receiving travel costs as well as a deposit and making travel plans ahead.

     -I require all travel and/or accommodation expenses to be paid in advance as I wish to make my own arrangements. This includes:


  Return Plane tickets (economy is absolutely fine for journeys up to 2 hours and I kindly    request business class for any travel duration of 3 hours or more.

  Taxis from and to the airport/train station and to hotel.


  Hotel in case our arrangement includes me staying for                                                a length of time, I wish to arrange myself (4+ stars please)


    -A minimum of 6 hours allowed for our date in Europe, outside of Europe I offer bespoke rates and packages, please enquire.

Nationwide Travels:

Engagements outside London but within the UK will require a minimum of 3 hours of booking time. Travel expenses apply. 

Dates within London but outside of Zone 1 will require a minimum of 1.5 hours allowed.

Deposits and Pre-Payments:

I require a deposit of 30% paid upfront from all new clients, this is a non-negotiable prerequisite, ensuring that my diary will be cleared for you. 

I take deposits, travel|cancellation fees  and pre-payments via the following channels: Bank Transfers, TransferWise (small surcharge applies) and Circle Pay, please contact me for details.

The deposit or pre-payment you have transferred must clear into my account up to three hours prior to our date, otherwise I will be unable to keep our engagement.


Should you be unable to make our appointment and wish to reschedule within the next 30 days, your deposit will be held over against our rearranged date.

Deposits will be forfeited for cancellations that occur with less than 48 hours of notice.

Should you wish to cancel with less than 24 hours of notice, a cancellation fee of 40% is kindly requested and failure to accommodate it so will mean that regrettably I will be unable to arrange further dates with you.


If you have chosen to settle my fees in cash, I kindly ask to leave the full sum in an envelope on the bathroom counter! 

Should we meet in public, please pass me the unsealed envelope discreetly (a smallish gift bag or a book makes for an excellent disguise) at the beginning of our date!

I accept GBP as well as most other currencies with a notice, surcharge allowing for exchange rates applies.

Our Date:

I pride myself on being punctual when it comes to appointments and I will adore you for making the same effort! 


I kindly request you being freshly showered and minty fresh once I get to you, and a nice cologne will get you in my underwear quicker than I'm willing to admit. 


My main offerings are a genuine girlfriend experience as well as Domination, I revel in other people's fantasies but please bear in mind that I always keep it safe! Do not request any risky practices, my answer shall always be no and it'll stand in the way of any future correspondence. 

Please be so kind as to offer some refreshments and sustenance if we are spending 3+ hours together! Let's make each other ravenous!!


I adore duos with my favourite play pals or with someone new of your suggestion! If it is a lady I'm yet to meet, please get them to contact me so I can get to know them a little prior to our date! 


By no means expected but always very much appreciated, please kindly refer to this small list I have compiled of things that make me smile.


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