It's time to pack my suitcase!

As I have friends and family scattered around the continents, I consider myself a bit of a "mutt". 

I travel often both for business and pleasure; I'm never far away from my suitcase and as I have mentioned so previously, It's a sort of superpower of mine to pack incredibly quickly and yet very much efficiently! 

Travelling is a passion of mine and, although it leaves my inbox unattended much too often, I am intending to do even more of it in the upcoming year! 

Fly me to you or fly me with you, I'll be more than excited to come along and frolic! Making discoveries together, going on adventures or even just plane hopping to sneak into your hotel room!

In order to plan a date as such at ease, the following things you should bear in mind

I request a minimum of a week's notice prior to a date involving extended travel. This allows time for screening, receiving travel costs as well as a deposit and making travel



I require all travel and/or accommodation expenses to be paid to me in advance as I wish to make my own arrangements.

This includes:


Return Plane tickets (economy is absolutely fine for journeys up to 2 hours and I kindly request business class of a travel duration over that)


Train tickets (first class please)

Taxis from and to the airport/train station and to hotel.

If our arrangement includes me staying for a length of time, I wish to arrange the hotel myself (4+ stars please)

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