She can't stop shaking,
I can't stop touching her...

Don't you just adore getting lost in another person? The softness of their skin, the smell of their hair, the lingering touches on each other's back...? 

I must say that as much as I adore kinky dates and adventures of a devious kind, I have a very special place in my heart for the more intimate affairs. 

Being very much a tactile woman, I appreciate the cuddles, the snuggles, the abundance of kisses more than you'd probably assume. 

Let's have sex, slow and passionate that may have a mind-blowing crescendo, let's get lost in kisses and discuss nonsense on our pillows afterward! 

Let's get snacks and watch half an episode of that series we've been watching before making out again...! 

Let me trace the sweat beads over your forehead and hold hands in our post-orgasmic bliss! 

You may even get to see one of my ridiculously clumsy walks to the bathroom as my legs are still shaking...

Longer dates and overnight loving preferred! 

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