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Fancy Chasing the Post-Christmas Funk Away Together?

Can you believe it? We made it! Christmas is over and whether you've been on the naughty list or a goody two shoes, January is always a month that just kind of blows. It's long and dark and a little miserable!

As I am heading back to the wonderful city that is London very soon, I thought I'd surprise you with a gift to combat those terrible January blues and offer a generous 25% concession on any appointments scheduled for January that's booked and pre-paid until the 1st of January.

Perfect for anyone who's been thinking about frolicking with me in the near future! ;)

Get in touch, let's put something rather exciting in the diary! ;)

EDIT: Ohhhhh it seems that I'll be back in London town just in time for NYE and I have nothing planned as of yet!

I'm taking applications for a very lucky suitor to kiss at midnight!

(a longer date of 3hrs and over preferred please!)

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