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Something about doors closing and other ones opening...

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

When I first embarked on the adventurous road of being a private companion, I never would have thought just how many random skills I'd gain on the road.

I naively assumed that it'd be all about meeting interesting new lovers, frolicking about in beautiful restaurants and hopefully some banging orgasms!

Partially accurate.

But in reality, to get to those brilliant clients, you also need to become a webmaster, an SEO wizard, a copywriter, a sociologist, a market researcher, a private investigator and an all around admin angel.

Of course you can do all that with seamed stockings on, to preserve some of your heaux-glamour, but what I'm trying to say is that there's a whole lot of work goes into an independent escort's business than just entertaining.

I've decided to make my own site. I loathed my old one, and I'm rather big on self preservation and utilising one's own resources, so instead of paying someone to make it for me, I chose to spend long, loooong days and evenings with working on it, bit by bit.

From the editing of my photos, to writing the content and making it looking all smooth and effortless. It was a process that dragged on at times, and now and again seen me tempted to just fold in and abandon it all!

But at the end, I persevered and yesterday I've opened a bottle of bubbles to bid my final farewell to yasmincurves.com with a huge smile on my face!

Here's to The Casual Goddess! To new adventures as Adél Jett, to new beginnings, new pals, more naughtiness and certainly more decadence!

I'm ever so excited for you being here and now that you had a tiny insight of just how much loving labour has gone into it, please enjoy it! Savour it! Not only the photos but beyond!

And you never know! Maybe, if you think that we'd make a good match, you could take me on a date...! ;)

- AJ.

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