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Tis the season to be naughty...

Oh hello lovers, the Ones on the Naughty List or otherwise...;)

Just a little update to say that I will be in London until the 20th of December, eager to frolic and here to keep you warm as can be!

I realise it's hectic to organise One's schedule in and around the party season, however it's only fair to mention that my diary is fast filling up and thus if you'd like to make sure that you get to see me before ol' 2019 is out, please drop me an email and let's make fabulous plans for the two or more of us.... (Have I ever told you that I always have a little wishlist of ladies I'd like to get naughty with...? You may enquire. So sorry, Santa!)

Also, I am considering spending NYE in London, however as my travel plans are rather malliable at this point, pre-booking and deposit well in advance for this is absolutely quintessential! (a minimum of 5 hours apply, a date with dinner/room service and naked wondering over the fireworks preferred, tie that together with overnight frolics and your proposal will get priority!)

I'm ever so excited! Get in touch, let's get our party ensemble on and celebrate the season of lovin'!

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